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Because clean air
is a basic right

Tailored Air Filtration

Clean Air Solutions for
different environments

Quick Breath Analyzer (QuBA®)

Introducing the Quick Breath Analyzer: A state-of-the-art virus detection solution. Enter the cabin, exhale, get results in 24 hours.

Cirqulair Air Purification

VWI Cirqulair: 25 years of research, sets new air quality standard. Filter replacements every 42 months.

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About us

Setting the Standard in Air Filtration Solutions

Van Wees started in 1995 to unravel the problem of polluted ambient air, owning 14 world premieres and 7 recognized patents. Van Wees innovations (VWi) deliver a wide range of large industrial air filter appliances. Cleaning air from a simple 300 m³ up to a staggering 30,000,000 m³ of air per hour, without losing any efficiency. VWi is the first in the world with an achievable result of filtering 99,99999997% of ultra-fine particles of air (and 100% of fine particles). Large outdoor areas and buildings can be cleaned in very short periods of time.

Our Values

What We Find Important

Innovative Solutions
We are committed to pioneering air quality innovations, holding 14 world premieres and 7 patents.

Clean Air for All
We provide versatile air filtration solutions, from small spaces to large industrial areas, cleaning air efficiently.

Health and Safety
Our Quick Breath Analyzer (QuBA®) ensures reliable virus detection for a safer environment.

Maximum Efficiency
Our Cirqulair technology sets a new standard, achieving 99.99999997% filtration of ultra-fine particles.

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